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Continuously measure emotional wellness using the smartwatches people already wear.


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Wondr is used by companies like yours around the world to support the trust, safety, DEI, and wellbeing challenges faced by vulnerable populations. 

Content Moderators

When working in Content Moderation, employees see harmful images and enduring stressors that don't come up in regular jobs. It's not just a burnout issue - it's a mental health issue. 

Physicians & Nurses

Three million Americans permanently left the labor force after the 2020-21 COVID lockdowns. For example, in 2020 1.7 million health care workers quit their jobs. The number one reason is burn-out from over work.

Call Center Agents

Working the long hours in call centers on phones  can have a profound impact on employees' mental health. Smart employers understand the importance of monitoring employee health and creating programs for mental breaks from work. 

First Responders

Our first responders are suffering. In fact, it's estimated that 30 percent of first responders develop emotional & behavioral health conditions including, but not limited to, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Providers use Wondr for remote monitoring of vulnerable patients. Peer-reviewed published research shows that Wondr predicts troughs in patient's moods and energy with 98% accuracy, two days in advance. Full reimbursable, Wondr's metrics can alert patients to use resiliency resources before a crisis sends them to the hospital. 

Leadership Teams

A staggering 79% of employees will quit after receiving inadequate appreciation from their managers. 69% of Millennials are concerned that their workplace does not develop their leadership skills. And yet, 83% of companies say developing leaders is crucial -- but what are they doing about it?

Works Your Way

Measure Where People Work

By using smart watches and low cost fitness sensors, we can deploy anywhere and anytime.  Measuring content moderators from their home office as easily as doctors doing rounds.

Private & Anonymous

We take Privacy Seriously

No personal data is shared with Wondr and no biometric data is ever stored in our system.  While users of our system can see the emotional wellness of a team, they can never connect brain data to an named individual.


Our team discovered the connection between oxytocin, cardiac activity, and human flourishing.

Starting in his academic lab 20 years ago, Dr. Paul Zak and Dr. Jorge Barraza were trying to figure out what drives human connection.

What they figured out has changed the way people organize and interact with each other.

With the proven science of Immersion, wondr. is the only way to measure in real-time what the brain loves using the smartwatches and fitness sensors we all wear every day.

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Curious how wondr. measures peoples' brains?

Learn how the science works!

Wondr uses the technology of Immersion to understand how our hearts and minds are connected. Drop in your email below and we'll send you the deep dive on the science of Immersion.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Across industries, professionals are realizing the importance of measurable, accurate data to get a handle on employee burnout and wellness. See what they have to say!

Wondr helped us to increase our retention by 300%

After the pandemic, we had such a hard time keeping employees in our call center. The churn was unmanageable. With Wondr - we have measurements and interventions in place with the app that have removed all the heavy lifting!

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Karen Dave

Trust & Safety Lead

Wondr helps us schedule our ER with confidence

We had so many resignations from burnout after the pandemic! Wondr allowed us to monitor our staff so we can see which teams needed more generous scheduling to prevent burnout. 


Anne Collins

HR Manager

Wondr saved our office culture!

Before Wondr - we knew we had a burnout problem, but we didn't know what to do. We have a yoga room, free snacks and happy hours but nothing was moving the needle. Now we can predict levels of burnout and create interventions - like afternoons off or WFH schedules - that create actual change in employees' attitudes. 

Website Testimonial People

Jason Kotter

Managing Partner, Marketing Agency

The single greatest HR investment my company has made.

We used to do surveys for temperature checks across our teams. The results never told us anything helpful and it took hours to put together and review. With Wondr we get daily reports by team with clear, actionable information. 

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John Deo

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