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Wellness for Patients

Keeping Vulnerable Populations Emotionally Healthy Fully 50% of the population will suffer at least one bout of...

Wellness for Leadership Teams

Do you want to manage your team for their highest output and lowest burnout? You need data. 

How the science of wondr is proven to predict mood & energy levels two days in advance.

Imagine if you could know on Monday how your day is likely to go on Wednesday? That's what we were are able to do using...

Wellness for High Risk Teams

Are your high-risk teams experiencing burnout?

Wellness for First Responders

Are you losing emergency personnel due to burnout? 

Wellness for Call Center Agents

Working in call centers on phones all day can have a profound impact on employees' emotional wellness. The inevitable...

Wellness for Doctors & Nurses

In 2020 1.7 million health care workers quit their jobs. The number one reason is burn-out from overwork.[1]

Wellness for Content Moderators

Burnout starts a cascade of low productivity, job dissatisfaction and eventually costly attrition. Three million...