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Reimagining Digital Interactions: Putting Humanity First

  • May 15, 2023

In an era dominated by technology, we often overlook the impact it has on our social interactions and emotional well-being.

In the recent article, "Why tomorrow’s most successful tech will focus on the human experience", the World Economic Forum summarizes their points succintly: 

  • Technology has brought many benefits, but studies show our digital interactions are having real, measurable effects on our mental health.
  • With 30% of adults reporting feeling lonely, it is clear we are in the midst of a loneliness epidemic. But developing the right technologies will help.
  • The great products and companies of tomorrow will be those focusing on the human experience, prioritizing emotional connection.

    SOURCE: World Economic Forum


We are witnessing major mental health consequences from prioritizing convenience and speed over human connection. There is an alarming epidemic of loneliness caused by our current digital landscape and emphasizes the need for change.

Recent studies have revealed the detrimental effects of digital interactions on our mental health and emotional well-being. Smartphone dependency has been linked to higher reports of depressive symptoms and loneliness, while excessive time spent on social media is associated with perceived social isolation.

The consequences of this digital loneliness epidemic are staggering, with over 30% of adults worldwide reporting feelings of loneliness, equivalent to approximately 2 billion people. Loneliness is a significant life hazard, surpassing the health risks of air pollution and obesity. In fact, it is comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Thankfully, we have the opportunity to reshape our digital interactions and prioritize human connection. The future lies in designing products and companies that focus on the human experience rather than mere convenience. 

Wondr - powered by Immersion neuroscience - is on a mission to use objective neuroscience to monitor our emotional wellness and uncover insights about ourselves that will usher us into the age of more extraordinary experiences for happier our lives. 

Wondr uses smartwatches or fitness sensors to continuously monitor people's emotional fitness to help create more, happier days or predict emotional downturns two days in advance with over 90% accuracy. 

You can use Wondr to monitor your teams, your patients, your loved ones or yourself to determine your emotional fitness levels and optimize. 


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