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Wellness for Leadership Teams

  • October 14, 2022

Do you want to manage your team for their highest output and lowest burnout? You need data. 

wondr.’s metrics ensure teams perform at their best. Measuring teams' psychological safety and coordination using continuous, passive, and predictive neurophysiology will show you why some teams outperform others and where to make changes to increase productivity throughout your organization. 

Challenge goals are necessary to reach high performance, but too much stress decreases performance and, if sustained, leads to burnout and resignations.

Asking colleagues for their opinions will not tell you where that challenge sweet spot is, but the metrics on the wondr. platform will.

Passion for one's job turns emotional labor into job satisfaction. This effect is supercharged when working colleagues one can trust and by a commitment to the organization's goals. Finding best practices is a breeze when you measure what matters: teamwork.


How do you know when your teams are performing at their best? 

Self-reporting does not work. Asking team members to stop performing and answer endless and meaningless survey question is a waste of time and effort.  When performance matters and burnout is a risk, you need to manage teams so they have the emotional fitness for sustained productivity.

To lead effectively - you need the proper tool to accurately measure the emotional fitness of teams.

wondr. allows team leaders to immediately assess how changes in approaches and procedures impact stress and performance before the productivity flags and quits follow. 


In a recent study done by Dr. Paul J. Zak at Claremont Graduate University using wondr. - the platform powered by Immersion - predicted social disengagement two days before burnout with 98% accuracy


In this study, the data were collected continuously and passively for 10 hours a day. These high-resolution data create an opportunity to intervene before teamwork craters. 


What does this mean for you?

To accurately measure teamwork and ensure team members are performing at their best, wondr. continuously monitorsEmployee Turns on wondr. App (2) emotional fitness, passively and anonymously. 

With wondr., your employees simply push "Start" on their smartwatches or fitness sensors in the morning and our algorithms do the rest. 

wondr. shows leaders if their organization has created a psychologically safe and inclusive work environment. Psychological safety is the precursor to trust and effective teamwork. With this kind of data - you immediately see which teams are thriving and which teams need more attention. 

wondr. also shows executives if changes in culture are effective at improving emotional fitness. wondr. prompts team members to take advantages of company resources to build the emotional fitness and resilence.


What does this mean for your employees?

Another component of a high-performing team is employees' feeling of control over their work lives. By opting into wondr. - employees are empowered to monitor their own emotional fitness by securely viewing their data. Day-to-day, they can monitor their own emotional health and understand when they need to recharge in order to perform at their best.

By opting in to this powerful but easy to use technology, leaders provide employees the tools they need to gain the satisfaction from doing great work--for the long haul. 


What does this mean for your company?

Culture interventions and team building activities are just window-dressing without assessing their impact on brain and behavior. This is where wondr. comes in.

wondr. connects users to wellness programs, both online and on-site, so employees sustain emotional fitness now and in the future. Leaders can implement solutions and immediately measure their impact on team performance. 


wondr. is a powerful tool to ensure you not only retain your employees - but you help them thrive. Say hi below and we can have a chat about how wondr. can work for your team.


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