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Wellness for Patients

  • January 9, 2023

Keeping Vulnerable Populations Emotionally Healthy

Fully 50% of the population will suffer at least one bout of clinical depression in their lifetimes and for many, depression is a chronic and debilitating condition.

Anxiety disorders are a similarly pervasive and chronic condition, with patients needing acute care in emergency departments at very high cost

Health insurers and medical practitioners use Wondr to monitor emotional wellness in vulnerable populations.

Wondr's continuous neurologic data accurately identify when patients are heading into a crisis. This enables effective low-cost interventions that reduce suffering and save substantial health system costs. Wondr’s metrics can alert patients to use resiliency resources before a crisis sends them to the hospital.


Long-Term Emotional Wellness Requires Measurement

Patients seldom know they are heading to a mental health crisis. Typically, a full-blown breakdown causes them to seek urgent help. Even clinical evaluations may not reveal patients' true mental states. This is where Wondr's scalable, continuous neurologic measures make all the difference.

Peer-reviewed published research shows that Wondr's metrics predict troughs in patients’ moods and energy with 98-99% accuracy and do so two days before a crisis. In this study, the data were collected continuously and passively for 10 hours a day. These high-resolution data create an opportunity to intervene when when they are most effective--before a crisis.

Here's the best part: Patient remote monitoring is fully reimbursable.


For Patients

Wondr's mobile app empowers patients to manage their own emotional states. They can securely view their own data and learn to manage themselves. Wondr's app includes links to resiliency resources that can halt a mental health crisis before it occurs. In addition, Wondr's personal app can anonymously connect people in groups to support each other using signs of support.


For Clinicians

Wondr's baseline corrected and normed metrics easily show clinicians the efficacy of treatment protocols. Mental health professionals can anonymously put people into groups so they support each other. It is group therapy at scale.

It is not only psychologists and psychiatrists who, with permission, can view patients' Wondr metrics, but the prodrome for many medical disorders is social withdrawal--precisely what Wondr measures.  The data meet the highest standards for security and can be deleted on request.

The Big Picture

Innovations in medical research and practice, along with public health interventions, have doubled life expectancy in the last century and substantially reduced disease burden. Physical wellness has largely been solved. At the same time, the rates of depression and anxiety disorders have exploded. The innovation for the 21st century is the measurement of, and improvement in, emotional wellness. That is Wondr's mission.

Join us as we heal the world.


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